The Only Christopher We Acknowledge Is…

…not the one who imported disease, violence, and genocide to the New World.

Today is officially Columbus Day, and while we don’t make it a practice of praising murderous conquistadors, there’s no need for us to go in–Twitter has that covered.

While some folks are enjoying their mattress sale or day off from work, others are remembering the only Christopher that matters–Wallace, Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious B.I.G.

While we’d take just about any Christopher over the homicidal one (Chris Paul, Christopher Reid, Kris Kross), others used the moment to educate folks on the real Christopher Columbus, not the one they teach in schools.

Even National Geographic got in on the Columbus Day shade.

Cities across the country aren’t feeling him either. So far about nine have ditched the colonizer and instead have chosen to recognize Native Americans and celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The sentiment also spread across Twitter.

Want to learn more about why Columbus Day is so problematic? Check out this piece about the holiday. Oh, and read more about the connection between Native Americans and African Americans here.