Chrisette Michele Gets Political, But Fans Disagree

Chrisette Michele is an JET/EBONY fav. The curvy songstress slayed on the cover of EBONY’s body issue, and had some fun with the JET team during a game of “This or That”.

Folks love her artistic nature, but the songbird has a few fans scratching their head and questioning her views after she posted about the recent events plaguing our nation.

In the span of a short time we’ve had fatal police shootings caught on camera and circulating on social media, a police-targeted shooting in Dallas, protests taking place around the world in the name of Black Lives Matter, and some of our most vocal and powerful social activist leaders handcuffed and thrown in jail for marching with the people and demanding change within the justice system.

Amid the madness, Chrisette posted a statement offering her opinions with the disclaimer “I am no #PoliticalGenius.”


Following her post, social media weighed in with viewpoints of their own.

A summation from @Youngsinick:

Is it true that we’ve come a long way from the fight that our ancestors and leaders before us had to endure? Yes. However, we still have a long way to go.

While most of the protests around the country have been peaceful, clashes between police and protesters is what catches the spotlight. Community leaders and activists have been organizing and meeting with legislators and police departments for years to work toward solutions to the disfunction. DeRay McKesson even ran for Mayor in Baltimore, to try his hand at attacking issues from the inside.

Anger is a human feeling. It’s hard to see a young girl comforting her mother after witnessing her boyfriend complying with an officer and the final result is him dying. That’s chaotic. That stirs anger. That encourages action.

Black people are achieving. But often “they” see “us” getting ahead, or have any inkling that “we” may have a taste of power, and we end up losing more of our community. We’ve seen this with Martin, Malcolm, and Fred, to name a few.

Chrisette wants Black people to support Black businesses and vote, however, it’s important we don’t lose sight of the struggle–which also includes protesting–that have always been a part of the Black experience. We can’t lose the fight. We also appreciate those who use their platform as a gateway to formulate change. Thank you, Jesse. Thank you, Queen Latifah.

As Black people, we can’t get comfortable. We also can’t allow celebrities to forget the reality of the whole of community.

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