Chris Rock SNL Backlash

The hype was real when it was announced that Chris Rock would be hosting Saturday Night Live with Prince as the special guest.

Fans of the show, the comedian and the artist, anticipated what was expected be an epic night in sketch comedy.

Then, that took a left.

Chris Rock is no stranger to pushing boundaries and delivering his no-holds barred form of comedy. In fact, it’s one of the reasons his tours are usually sold out and he wins the crowd over when he hosts the BET Awards.

But, some subjects still hit a heavy sore spot with folks and well, Rock didn’t have a problem adding them to his headline rips during his opening monologue.

From cracks on the 9/11 terrorists attacks and the Boston Marathon- both of which injured and caused the death of hundreds of people to a skit that parodied ISIS – this is where the nervous laughter ensued from the audience- his punchlines were more than teetering on the edge.

Black Twitter was loaded with ammunition and shots were fired across social media that caught wind with the hashtag, #ThingsFunnierThanSNL.

With mixed reviews coming from all directions, will this performance effect the support and outcome of Chris’ new film, Top Five?