Chris Brown’s Accuser Has a Criminal Past

Over the span of 24 hours, media has become familiar with the name Baylee Curran.

On Tuesday, the former beauty queen accused Chris Brown of threatening her with a gun after being asked to leave a party gathering at his home.

Following the incident, Curran filed a police report which led to police and helicopters surrounding Chris’ L.A. home for hours until finally arresting and charging him with assault with a deadly weapon.

Well, the incident caused quite the scene, Tuesday. And where there are tons of eyeballs and piqued interest, there will be further digging.

So here it is. According to the New York Daily News, Ms. Curran has a slippery criminal history inclusive of grand larceny and questionable conduct.

In 2013, after getting into an argument with a friend she was vacationing with in California, she and another friend fled the hotel where they were staying and took the woman’s wallet along with her.

The wallet contained credit cards and nearly $1,000 in cash.

Adding to her bad girl behavior, she was stripped of her Miss California Regional 2016 title after breaking the pageant’s morals clause. However, organizers of the popular pageant says she refuses to return the items.

In addition to the stolen wallet and being dethroned, NYPD also disclosed that Curran once accused her former roommate of threatening to hire a hit man to kill her.

Between her past and the current case with Chris Brown, who also has a bad rep for a number of incidents that spiraled out of control following his 2009 assault case involving Rihanna, the situation is one HUGE mess.

Since his arrest, Tuesday evening, Brown has been released on $260,000 bail.

*Photo: Instagram