Chris Brown Accused of Threatening Woman

Chris Brown is being accused of threatening a woman with a gun.

TMZ reports that Chris and a group of friends were hanging out in the house when a few uninvited guests popped up and were asked to leave. One of the women who was asked to leave filed the police report.

Full details of the alleged situation have yet to be released but according to a profanity-filled address via Instagram, the singer woke up to helicopters and police trucks swarming his home. Chris, along with another house guest, insists that he was sleep throughout the night.

Brown, who is no stranger to circulating headlines surrounding his personal life, feels that he has become the victim in what appears to be a three-month cycle of negative headlines claiming his involvement in some form of volatile situation.

As for now, Chris is releasing a series of videos on social media expressing his frustration, while cops are still outside of his house preparing to hold a news conference.