Chris Brown Probation Revoked

It seems that the more Chris Brown tries to distance himself from trouble, drama lurks or it’s just a serious case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Following the recent nightclub shooting during his performance in San Jose, where people five were wounded, Brown found himself back in the courtroom.

From video footage and follow-up reports, Chris did not provoke the brawl nor did he encourage the drama. In fact, he was seen escaping the shots and leaving the stage.

However, the shooting brought attention to the fact that Chris violated his probation by leaving Los Angeles county and traveling to San Jose, California without clearance from his probation officer – a truth that his defense attorneys admit to offering ill-advice.

In addition, Brown was also in the hot seat for needing to fulfill 200 hours of community service, stemming from his 2009 domestic abuse charge.

The good news, Chris is still a free man and scheduled to appear in court on March 2o where the judge will determine his progress.