Well, Dang: Chris Brown Facing Another Lawsuit

Is Chris Brown up to his volatile clap back ways? From the looks of a lawsuit filed by his former manager, Mike G, Brown laid the paws on him which led to a an emergency room visit.

TMZ reports that Mike G is filing a lawsuit, accusing Brown of assault and battery. Allegedly Chris’s aggression stemmed from a drug-fueled rage where the singer took Mike G in to a bathroom and repeatedly punched him in the face and neck.

Mike G joined Chris Brown’s management team in 2012, with the main focus being to assist in reshaping and rebuilding the artist’s image and career. However, the tables flipped and Brown fired G last month with claims that he discovered G was stealing money.

Well, we know how Chris rolls, when controversy stirs, he takes it straight to social media to address the drama in the form of one-side round of the dozens.

Check his response below. (*NSFW language)

And this response got a defamation claim slapped on the lawsuit, too.

Chris is also in a social media war with Jacob York, his ex-girlfriend’s manager. But, it’s unclear what the root of the issue is.

✊ turn the middle pic upside down and it'll look like this @jacobyork

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@jacobyork "MR. BUILD A BITCH"

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Ah damn, Chris.