The Scoop on Chris Brown’s Court Victory

Chris Brown has a major reason to smile. After a custody battle with Nia Guzman, the mother of his two-year-old daughter Royalty, Brown walked out of the courtroom with the judge on his side.

Initially, Guzman claimed Brown was an unfit parent and requested his visitation dates be supervised by officials. She also asked that Breezy’s time with his adorable toddler be limited.

Welp, according to TMZ reports, the judge dismissed Guzman’s claims and granted the parents joint legal and physical custody. Additionally, Brown will be able to spend 12 days a month with his daughter, unmonitored.

But that’s not the end of Guzman vs. Brown. Currently, the multi-talented entertainer is paying $2500 a month in child support, but Guzman is asking the court to bump the amount up to nearly $16K a month.

No word on if this request will stick.

After the news hit, Guzman took to social media to snap back at anyone calling the judge’s decision a victory for Brown. She also spilled a few drops of tea.

Love B. Scott caught the snapshot from Instagram.


Brown and Guzman were recently the center of a heavy debate after this photo of their baby girl circulated the web. Many sided with Breezy on the matter, too.

While Brown hasn’t always been able to get it together, when it comes to his daughter, all of his antics go out the window with the quickness.

If you know, or like, nothing else about Chris Brown, you can’t deny the love and fight he has for his baby girl.