Chris Brown Announces New LP Release Date

Chris Brown’s upcoming album Royalty, named after his 1-year-old daughterhas been pushed back a bit, but don’t worry. It’ll be here just in time for Christmas.

Originally set for a Black Friday (Nov. 27) release, which is now the pre-order date, the singer announced that the project will instead hit stores Dec. 18.

He shared the news on Hot 97 during an interview with Nessa and even expressed some of his fears about the LP.

“Every album and every time I put a new song out, I’m nervous,” he admitted. “It’s a new start. It’s like I’m trying to prove myself again that I can make good music again.”

With the singles “Liquor” and “Zero,” Breezy certainly still has his hit-making abilities in tact.

Check out full conversation below.