Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Fight Over Parking Spot

It wouldn’t be a normal weekend for Chris Brown without a little bit of drama. Sunday night, Brown and Frank Ocean were involved in a brawl at a Westlake Studio in L.A.–over a parking space.

Brown was at the studio listening to his newest artist Sevyn Streeter. Sources say as Brown was leaving, Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Brown from leaving the parking lot. Frank was reported saying, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”

Brown went to shake Ocean’s hand, but was attacked by a member of Ocean’s crew. TMZ reports that sources connected to Brown say one of Brown’s friends jumped in and hit Ocean’s friend.  Then Ocean came at Brown, who then pushed him away, which started the brawl.

Police were called on the scene, but Brown fled before the officers arrived–probably not the best decision. Frank Ocean stayed around and spoke with the police. He said the fight started over a parking space and that Brown had punched him.

Ocean later tweeted “got my jumped by chris and a couple guys lol. i only wish everest was there. cut my finer now I can’t  play w two hands at the grammys. [sic]”

Getting into a fight over a parking space, then tweeting about it, really? We expect this type of stupidity from Chris Brown but Frank Ocean? Com’on son!

P.S. Everest is Frank Ocean’s Bernese mountain dog.