Chiraq: And… It’s a Wrap!

Controversy erupted the moment Spike Lee introduced the film title “Chiraq” to the world.

Without knowing the premise of the story Lee had a vision to tell, backlash and ridicule met the production and became the hot, debatable topic throughout the film’s production.

Before going forward, the title concept even warranted a one-on-one sit down between the 40 acres and a mule filmmaker and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

And now, after all the fuss and debate, the Chicago-based production has come to an end. Spike made the announcement on his Instagram page Thursday.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.04.59 AM

Spike has kept storyline details tightly sealed, however, what is known is that a lot of Chicago residents and artists gained a nice resumé boost and life experience by working, in some capacity, on the movie. Along with that, the Chicago Tribune recently teased that despite the dramatics surrounding ‘Chiraq, the film just may not be what some may think it is.