‘Chi-raq’ Sneak Peek

Spike Lee’s much anticipated film, Chi-raq isn’t due for screening until December, but you might get a chance to score a sneak peek,

That’s if you plan on attending the 13th Annual Run & Shoot Filmworks Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival next month.

In an event titled, “Colors of Conversation” Lee, in company with Chi-raq cast members Nick Cannon and Teyonah Parrish along with social activist, Father Michael Pfleger, will engage in in-depth discussion about the film that has had everyone’s eyes and ears on high alert for months now.

Adding a bonus to the dialogue, attendees will have the opportunity to screen select scenes from the movie.

Surrounded by controversy and criticism, Chi-raq aims to tell a story similar to the Greek comedy Lysistrata. The spin in Spike’s story, however, is that a woman will be on a quest to end gang violence in Chicago, using tactics similar to those of the women of Greece. One being abstaining from sex with guys involved in the city’s gang war.

Chi-raq will head the launch of Amazon Studios.

The MVAAFF runs August 10-12 in Massachusetts.

Further details can be read, HERE.