Chet Haze is Back…With an Apology

Tom Hanks’ offspring, Chet Haze, is back, sober and apologizing.

The wanna-be rapper caught heat earlier this year on social media for defending his “rights” to use the loaded n-word in a way that “unifies hip-hop culture across all races.”

You can read JET’s response to his failed attempt, here.

Though Chet delivered his rant, unapologetically, at the time, it seems he is having a change of heart. Turning to social media, Chet released a series of videos expressing his apologies for his earlier “n-word turn up” and updated followers on his recent whereabouts – which include a stint in rehab.

N-Word apology below:

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As for rehab, Chet admitted to having a serious issue with substance abuse – cocaine and alcohol – and finally took the time to get himself together.

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