Charles Barkley Will Discuss Race Issues In America In TNT Special

Are you ready to hear Charles Barkley talk about race issues in America? Like it or not, it’s happening. The NBA legend and commentator for TNT’s Inside the NBA, will be at the helm of discussing race in America in the two-night special, American Race.

Barkley is known for getting people riled up when it comes to his views on sports, so it should be very interesting to hear what he thinks of race issues in America.

Barkley will go on a journey across the country to look at race from different angle and engage in thoughtful and spirited dialogue with diverse Americans. The goal is to create mutual understanding as a way to get productive solutions. Joining in on the conversation will be cultural and academic experts.

Topics that will be discussed include Muslims in America, police and race relations, immigration issues and Hollywood stereotyping.

“American Race” will air throughout two nights: Thursday, May 11 and Friday, May 12. There will be two episodes each night at 9 and 10 PM ET/PT. TNT will also preview the first episode on Sunday, May 7, at 11:30 PM ET/PT after the network’s NBA playoff coverage. On Monday, May 8, all four episodes will be available to TNT app subscribers on VOD.

We can’t wait to see the social media conversation surrounding this.