Coming Soon: Charles Barkley’s “The Race Card”

When TNT announced the former NBA star, Charles Barkley was going to be hosting a new show entitled, The Race Card, the first thought was, “seriously?”

No, really. Read it here.

It certainly caused a few head scratches and an overview of his recent commentary as it relates to the true state of race in America.

But, it is happening and TNT released the first trailer of the six-part unscripted series.

Unscripted – yep, let that digest.

In the nearly two-minute trailer, Barkley states, ” We as Americans never discuss the issue of race in this country and how it impacts everything in our lives until something bad happens. I see this project as a way to talk about race, class and cultural differences and challenge everyone’s status quo.’

He also notes that he wants to give people “a seat at the table” to deliver honest opinions.

Watch it below.

The Race Card is set to premiere in 2017.