Vibez: Chance The Rapper, Kanye West, and a Mixtape

Life has to feel a bit surreal for Chance The Rapper, right about now.

Fresh off of being nominated for four Grammys, Lil’ Chano from 79th is on a mixtape with one of his biggest musical and artistic inspirations, Kanye West.

No, it’s not an official tape where the two took up a studio session and kicked out fresh lyrics and beats. But, this is DOPE. The project is brought to us from the brilliant minds of producers, DJ Clyde and DJ Critical Hype.


Chance The Dropout, a clever play off of Kanye’s debut album and cover art College Dropout, is comprised of Chance’s lyrics dating back to his first mixtape “10 Day” on through his most current, “Coloring Day” over Kanye West production.

With Chance’s witty wordplay and hyper delivery fused with West’s intricate samples and experimental instrumentals, the mash-up is pure ear excitement for fans of both artists.

The creative body of work offers 23-tracks and features the two Chicago-natives “Ultralight Beam” collaboration, along with “They Don’t Like”, “Favorite Song”, “Acid Rain” “Paranoia” and “Spaceship”, just to name some. Tossing in a few more treats, you’ll hear verses from Childish Gambino, Common, Saba and a few others, too.

Do your ears a favor and press play below!

*Photo: Instagram