Celebs Share Life Lessons from Mom

For many of us, our mother (maternal figure) is the driving force behind who we are as people. Maternal figures are often our first teachers, and we learn just about everything that we need to know from them until we’re able think, learn, and grow on our own. In honor of Mother’s Day, we spoke with a few celebrities about life lessons they picked up from their moms.

“My mother taught me to stay humble and just treat people how you want to be treated. Put God first and work hard. Those are the lessons that I learned from my mother and if you want something just go after it. You know. You got to have that tenacity to go after your dreams and your goals and just stay honest with people. Don’t try to sell people on things, just to be successful. Just sell them on what’s true. And I’ve never lost who I was as a person. So that’s what she taught me and you know…I’m doing alright (laughs).” – Cory Hardrict, Actor


“You know my mom is one of the strongest women that I’ve ever known and one of the most faithful women that I’ve ever known. You know to watch her journey throughout life and to see how she handled some of the valleys of life and come out on top thanks to her faith, it’s just very inspiring. I often pray. I wish that I could have my mom’s faith in order to handle things with the dignity and the courage that she does. She’s just truly an inspiration and again she’s not loud, but when I tell you a quiet force, my mom has been just a really huge inspiration to me and I always say if I can be half the wife, the mother, the daughter that she is I’m blessed.” -Denise Boutté, Actress


“My mom taught me to always have my own relationship with God and that’s what has helped me with so many things. I remember saying my little prayers for most of my childhood, but I didn’t really have many feelings or know what I was saying. When I was about 11 or 12 my mama was like, “You have to develop your own relationship with God; outside of whatever me and your father could teach you.” My father’s a deacon. So I really just started to try to talk to HIM myself and slowly but surely, I understood what that meant on my own path and on my own journey. I’m so thankful she taught me that.” -Keke Palmer, Singer/Actress


“I’m from a single-mom home. One of the memories that I have with my mom is bringing us stuff to eat after work. She would come home late at night and bring us a sandwich and we were so happy! We’d be waiting on her. Also, she had such a strong work ethic. You know, your mother is just everything and I’m so glad that I had the chance to become an actress because this was a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl and she’s gotten a chance to see a lot of the stuff that I’ve been able to do and I know that she’s proud of me.” – Loretta Devine, Actress/Singer