Celebrities React to the Death of Michael Brown

Following J. Cole’s release of “Be Free” in honor of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was gunned down last weekend in Ferguson, Missouri, other celebrities have taken to social media and the microphone in remembrance of the unarmed teen.

During a private performance on Friday, R&B crooner John Legend told the audience: “Black and brown people are just treated differently in this country.” He continued:

“We’ve given our police these military-style weapons, and you know, it’s a mess. But this is not new. The weapons are only exasperating it. But this was happening with Bull Connor in the ’60s, this was happening with lynchings well before the ’60s, where there were all kinds of extralegal ways for black folks to get killed and for black bodies to not be valued in this country.”

Legend took to Twitter early last week to share his opinion regarding the violence and protests: “I believe these cops are intentionally trying to inflame the situation. They want an excuse.” A news outlet advised the singer to “stay in his lane,” to which Legend responded: “@IBNNNews human. citizen. taxpayer. i’m in my lane, homie.”

He’s not the only one taking to social media to speak out on the death of Brown.

Former JET cover girl Keke Palmer planned to visit Ferguson this past weekend after receiving backlash on her Instagram and Twitter pages.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Palmer said: “I’m very excited to see what can be done and if I can really get involved, and how we can unite one another,” she said during the interview. “That’s what I always believe is the way to go. Uniting us all. Not just black people, but everybody that’s coming to talk the same message. It’s unfortunate when things like this happen, but hopefully it can wake people’s eyes up and let them know that we need to unite as a people.”

On Sunday, Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams appeared on CNN to discuss the racial bias. During the interview, Williams–who has spoken out before about the “criminalization of the Black body”–said, “White people have the privilege of being treated like human beings.”

You can watch the actor discuss the depiction of Michael Brown below:

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