Celebrities Come to Bill Cosby’s Defense

Even though Bill Cosby has remained relatively silent about the latest rape and sexual assault allegations against him, several celebrities have come to the comedian’s defense.

On Monday, singer Jill Scott tweeted her support of Cosby in response to two of her Twitter followers:

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Last month, Faizon Love demonstrated his unwavering support on both Twitter and Instagram:

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Love also expressed his disdain for fellow comedian Hannibal Burress, referring to him as a “porch n***a.” Burress recently included allegations against Cosby in a stand-up routine and indirectly set off the latest round of accusations.

In a recent interview on SacCulturalHub.comA Different World star Charnele Brown had this to say about Cosby, who created the influential ’90s series:

“Dr. Cosby is a good role model, regardless of what’s going on right now.  That man is brilliant.  He had a vision, and his vision came to fruition.  I thank God that I was a part of it.   In terms of the controversy, like they say, there’s Dr. Cosby’s side, the women’s side, and then the truth.  I continue to pray for both sides of this.  One of the questions I have is why didn’t these women come forward with this information back then?  So I don’t know.  I just think it’s really sad – if it’s the truth, it’s sad, and if it isn’t, what’s happened is sad.   I love Dr. Cosby very much, and I respect his work.  I can only go by how he’s treated me.  His behavior with me was stellar.  That’s my truth.”

Cosby has not specifically addressed the concerns, but did resign from his board position at Temple University.