Cast Picks for ‘Training Day’ Pilot

“It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove,” were the infamous words spoken by Denzel Washington during his Academy Award-winning performance in Training Day 15 years ago. According to Deadline, CBS is looking to prove the film’s staying power after recently announcing their plans to develop a television reboot.

In the original film, Washington starred as a rogue seasoned narcotics detective alongside Ethan Hawke, who portrayed his newly acquainted naive partner.

The pilot will pick up 15 years after the film left off, but with a twist. It will focus on a young African-American police officer recently appointed to the LAPD. He’ll be partnered with an experienced, yet corrupt Caucasian detective.

Antoine Fuqua, will resume his role as director and executive producer of the pilot. While the casting has yet to be announced, here are a few pairings that we would like to see take place.

Christopher Meloni/Michael Ealy

Meloni Ealy

Because we need half of an excuse to see either of these guys on our screens.

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