‘The Carmichael Show’ Is Underrated AF

The Carmichael Show deserves all of your attention so why aren’t you tuning in?

The Carmichael Show’s Jerrod Carmichael is giving us some of the best TV on any network right now, and we need to talk about it. The comedian stars as a fictional version of himself who is trying to take it to the next level with his live-in bae Maxine (Amber Stevens West). However, his family, his mother Maxine (Loretta Devine), father Joe (David Allen Grier) and his brother Bobby (Get Out’s Lil Rel Howry) have other plans for his life.

We’re just at the beginning of season three, and The Carmichael Show is about to address everything from consent, assisted suicide, use of the n-word and Donald Trump. Last night’s episode “Yes Means Yes” focused on sexual assault and consent. Such a difficult topic is not often discussed on network TV, especially not on a sitcom, but Carmichael felt it was extremely important. He told Entertainment Weekly,

“What consent means is evolving, and rightfully so. We’re trying to curb any problems and any tragic events from happening. But when we talk about where that line is — when we talk about how it’s evolved and hearing a verbal ‘yes’ — guys realized that what it is on paper and what it is in an actual situation where you’re with a young lady or a young guy, a lot of times they don’t match up. We wanted to write an episode around the confusion, the not knowing, the ignorance. Bobby says, ‘Oh wait — by your definition, then I’ve made a huge mistake.’ It’s an episode around the evolving definition of consent.”


Carmichael also addressed why he wanted to tackle the Trump topic. He said, “People were really cautious because we don’t want to say anything that’s not true about anyone — and you can’t, it becomes a legal issue at some point,” he said. “I think we kind of teed it on the line. I think we ultimately got to the honesty of it.”

The Carmichael Show airs Wednesdays at 9 PM ET on NBC so go ahead and set your DVR.