Busta Rhymes Under investigation

Busta Rhymes is under investigation for allegedly threatening to slap fans at the BET Awards.

Fan Kim Simpson, who spoke with TMZsays the confrontation started when her friend accidentally bumped into Busta while dancing at the awards show in June. They apologized, but she says Busta responded by saying, “I’ll bite you and not that kinda bite” if it happened again.

Simpson told the outlet that things escalated when the two women proceeded to take pictures with reality star Deelishis and Busta got caught in their camera flashes. Simpson says he responded to the women by saying, “Don’t make me slap you” and then charged at them before being stopped by security.

Simpson filed a police report. Reportedly, officials are trying to locate Busta to interview him about the incident. The outlet is reporting that a lawyer representing Mr. Rhymes had no comment.

Whoa der.