My Brother’s Keeper Launches Video Series

Last year, President Barack Obama rolled out My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative that aims to reverse the challenges many minority men face.

Now, organizers have launched a new video series to accompany the program.

Titled “My Biz Way,” the Mike Muse-hosted program highlights a variety of entrepreneurs and their journeys to success.

From fashion to music to technology, the project will provide novices with the tools they need to overcome their fears and build their own personal brands.

First up: Celebrity Stylist and Designer Ty Hunter, who is responsible for Beyoncé’s fabulousness.

In the clip, he says, “I’ve always told myself to just be who I am. Stay the same in anything that works around and makes me not change my character and strip away who I am. I’ve been blessed.”

Check out the full first episode below, and visit the website for more information.