Twitter Drags Bow Wow For Claiming He’s Mixed

Shad Moss, known to the world as Bow Wow, is presently getting that work over on Twitter after he got into a discussion on politics and voting.

After talking up his love for Donald Trump’s hotels, many questioned whether that meant he was supporting the Republican nominee in the fall.

Bow Wow assured fans he isn’t voting for Trump in the fall because he isn’t planning on voting at all.

After fans questioned Bow Wow’s decision not to vote, citing the struggle by our ancestors to secure the right, the rapper explained why he couldn’t fully relate to the civil rights movement.


Predictably, the folks on Twitter were not feeling Bow Wow’s response.

To his credit, Bow Wow did encourage his fans to exercise their right to vote if they want to, but I’m not sure they can hear him over his reasoning.