Who’s Not Here For Bow Wow? The Internet

Bow Wow just can’t seem to score a win.

But you have to applaud the fact that despite the vast amount of criticism and social digs he receives, he’s not shying away from his public persona – meaning, he still flosses and posts like he has the same amount of love and respect he gained during his days of being “Little Bow Wow”.

That is truly not the case. And adding more flame to try and burn his ego is commentary he received after posting a picture of him arriving in Cleveland, OH, to host an event.

What the Columbus-native probably thought was going to be a warm return to his home state, turned the opposite as comments under a picture he posted to Facebook announcing his arrival was bombarded with disses and people dragging his human existence.

Now, ya’ll know when the Internet gets a hold of somebody wreaking of foolery, it’s not easy to let go.

Below, just a few of the comments.

Screen shot 2016-10-27 at 11.05.16 AM

Since his comments claiming that he was mixed race, so he couldn’t relate to the civil rights movement, Bow, has been on the chopping block when it comes to social media. Folks are not letting him get off that easy.

Photo: Facebook