‘Born Again Virgin’ Premieres This Week!

If you tuned into the 2015 BET Awards, then chances are you caught wind of the sexy and rather sexless upcoming TVOne series, Born Again Virgin starring Eva Marcille and Tank.

Here’s a quick refresher if you missed the promo ad:

The latest scripted venture under TVOne takes a look at the life of celibacy through the lens of three thirtysomething besties.

Jenna (Danielle Nicolet) is a writer longing for more meaningful relationships. So to purify her quest, she ditches the stream of unsuccessful dates and hook-ups and heads for celibacy while blogging about her friends’ hilarious sex diaries.

Kelly, played by Meagan Holder, is a publicist who seems to be successful at using her quick wit and charm to land new clients, but comes up short when it comes to landing a man.

And we have, Tara, the aspiring actress, played by Eva Marcille who is on a serial hunt for her next high roller to further contribute and assist her celebrity-inspired lifestyle.

The ladies are hit with temptation as Donovan (Tank) lives next door making their desires to stand in abstinence harder with every encounter.

The comedy is set to make its debut Wednesday, August 5 10/9CST on TvOne.