Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker Talk Daytime

Ten years ago, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker met and fell in love on the set of Showtime’s hit series, “Soul Food.” The co-stars’ flame was ignited, and it continues to burn bright. The two actors definitely have their own solo projects going on. Boris launched a luxurious clothing company for men, ALFA, and Nicole has her well-known gymwraps in circulation. But clearly the two just can’t get enough of working together.  JET spoke with the married couple and parents of two about their new daily talk show, dreams and the importance of family. 

JET: This is kind of a big deal as your show will be the first ever to be hosted by husband and wife. How are you guys feeling about that?

Boris Kodjoe: Oh we’re super excited. This has been in the works for a minute and we love to connect with people, we love to talk about certain issues and we’re really looking forward to this new chapter.

JET: So how did you land the show?

Boris Kodjoe: I created it about five years ago for radio, but the schedules never worked out. And last year, we sort of revisited the whole concept and we felt like the timing was perfect and when we talked to Fox, they were very excited so here we are.

JET: Tell us about the show. What can viewers expect?

Nicole Ari Parker: All of the stuff you really love about daytime shows will be there, but we’re also going to talk about what’s going on in the world. Health and wellness, fashion and fun…we’re also going to talk about civil rights issues. Just stuff that’s going on in the world right now.

JET: Nice. Usually, couples would shy away from working together, but you two actually met while working together on set. How do you manage to keep business and personal separate?

Nicole Ari Parker: Well, we know how to work together. We met on Soul Food and worked long hours everyday. So spending time together is not really a problem for us. I think that just like any other couple, it’s healthy to come home and put the phones down and pay attention to your family and your kids and get in that space and then between each other, we really try to respect each other’s personal space. If he has to take a walk or I have to hit the beach to spend some time meditating or in prayer that’s what I do. We have a nice working relationship.

Boris Kodjoe: It’s what Nicole said and I think one thing that we have that’s very strong is we like each other. We enjoy spending time with each other. We make each other laugh. We always enjoy time together. That is really our impulse when people ask us what it means to work together. We have a great time.

JET: Nice. The talk show sounds exciting, but outside of that, you both have your own ventures. What’s happening in the world of Boris and Nicole?

Boris Kodjoe: Us. It might sound very simple, but that’s pretty much it. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. Talk shows are going to be talk shows. But we bring to the table who we are authentically and honestly. Whether that’s the banter that goes back and forth between us or our very distinctly different perspectives on pretty much everything because we rarely agree on anything (laughs) and that is gonna make us different from everybody else. We have a clothing line and Nicole has her Gymwrap company, the Save Your Do gymwrap, and we have a foundation, Sophie’s Voice that always keeps us very busy so we can’t complain about a lack of work. We have two kids, which is the most important thing, so between making oatmeal and homework and driving babies to practice and ballet recitals we got plenty of stuff to do.

JET: Yes. I recently saw a photo that you posted to your Facebook page of you, Nicole and your two children who appeared to have crashed your bed (laughs). To me, it showed just how important family really is to the two of you.

Nicole Ari Parker: From the very beginning, we decided that we wanted to keep our kids being kids for as long as we could so our home life is really simple. You know they’re regular kids and we try to turn those phones off when we come home. We’re gonna blink and they’ll be 16, 17, 18 years old and just like any parent we want the best for them.

“The Boris and Nicole Show” premieres Monday July 6 on Fox. Click here for local listings.