Boring Boondocks? Rate Its Return

Boondocks Uncle Ruckus and Grandpa Freeman

Maybe it was the wait.

Maybe it’s the knowledge that Aaron McGruder is no longer involved.

Or perhaps it’s that it seemed like a retread of a prior episode.

But I am not sold on that shell of The Boondocks that crept back onto Adult Swim airwaves on Monday.

Of course, the ‘docks is known to rip from the headlines, mocking everything from the Booty bandit to bad seed Latarian Milton, the latter boldly bragging about stealing and crashing his grandmother’s car.

Still, the send-up of Chris Brown as “Pretty Boy Flizzy,” complete with a beatdown of his hot R&B girlfriend and more legal problems than radio hits seemed thin, predictable and too quick to borrow from the similar, but far superior “The Trial of R. Kelly” episode that preceded it.

Making matters worse, they actually reference the Kelly ep in the event you didn’t immediately side-eye the similarities.

We are treated early and often to Flizzy’s philosophy that women love irretrievable thugs instead of “good guys.”  He is also overly vocal about how the public loves ratchetness more than it does actual talent–a point I can’t debate given the current Billboard charts.

Real talk or nah, it gets to the point where the outing just seemed aimless.  You could clearly see that Flizzy, who has retained Freeman neighbor “Tom,” to defend him in a gas station robbery case is there to help the older man find his inner rebel, win back his bored wife and violently reclaim the alpha male hiding under his cardigan and people-pleasing demeanor.

It’s not that I expected “Usual Suspect” level mystery, but typically Boondocks episodes contain more nuance.

It was like watching an ’80s sitcom with a corny problem, straightforward solution and smile/wink ending, albeit with a lot more n-words.

As a longtime Boondocks fan, I am conflicted.  I don’t want to see the network give Aaron McGruder the Dave Chappelle treatment, carrying on with his vision with or without his help.  But I also want to finish out a show that, for all its flaws, made some excellent arguments about hot topics including politics, hip-hop culture and self-hatred.

But if this after-school special level nonsense is what I can expect each week, my allegiance to McGruder might be easier to act on.

YOUR TURN: What did you think of the return of the Boondocks?