Bob Marley Depicted as Digital Blackface?

Since April 20 became the date that celebrates the love of the herb, Bob Marley has become synonymous with the “smoker’s holiday”.

In fact, though his music lives on with great appreciation and he stood for the spreading of peace through love, it’s not until THIS day, that the late singer even becomes a trending topic.

What’s up with that?

Adding on to the new wave of Snapchat, the social platform created a “Bob Marley” filter to join in on the 4/20 chatter. Some people are taking offense and calling the temporary filter, which was created today, disrespectful and a “digital blackface.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.08.07 PM

Amid the backlash, according to Variety, Snapchat has stated that the filter was made in partnership with Bob Marley’s Estate.

Spotify is another platform celebrating 4/20 with a Marley Tribute mix.

*Photo: Instagram