What? Blake Lively Brags About ‘Oakland Booty’

Actress Blake Lively is catching major heat on social media after sharing a, ahem, cheeky Instagram post about her round derrière.


The pregnant Gossip Girl star is currently attending the Cannes Film Festival in France and was, apparently, possessed by the spirit of Sir-Mix-A-Lot when she shared a picture of herself on the red carpet with the tagline: “L.A. face with an Oakland booty.”

Now, this isn’t the absolute worst thing Lively could say. After all, she recently praised Woody Allen, a suspected child molester whose own kid has called him out, for “empowering women.” So, yeah, things could be a whole lot worse than quoting an old school rap song. But in this day in age, Lively had to know her comment would rub some folks the wrong way.

Unfortunately for Lively, her off-the-cuff Insta post comes during a time when White women have been getting props in the mainstream media for appropriating the style and aesthetics of women of color (hey, Kardashian clan). So folks across social media were a little testy about Lively’s assertion that she has an “Oakland booty,” which…let’s be real…ain’t even close to whatever she’s got. And an L.A. face? Given the shifting demographics of Los Angeles–it’s pretty much mostly Brown, and suffering through gentrification–this is kinda problematic too.

But here’s what some tweeps had to say about it.

While calling Lively a racist may be taking things too far, it’s clear many folks are fed up White women with “Black features” like big hips, round butts, and big lips getting praised while real, live Black women–in and out of Oakland–are constantly told we’re not pretty or even feminine enough.

Need proof? Start with the racist cartoon of a “masculine” Michelle Obama pitted against a “curvy” Melania Trump, then ask yourself why some folks are feeling some type of way about Lively’s post.


Britni Danielle is a L.A. based freelance writer. Catch her tweeting @BritniDWrites