Beyond blackish: Staying Woke on TV

Police brutality, racism, social injustice, poverty. These are societal ills and there’s no way that television can get around addressing them.

The key: Tackling the adversity with honesty and intellect while still providing entertainment.

Wednesday night, ABC’s black-ish took on the issue of police brutality – a topic that hits so close to home for a lot of people. How do you have “The Talk” with your children? How do you explain that the color of your skin, although it shouldn’t, could have a negative affect on the way society treats you?

There’s a cloud of darkness that exists and as parents and adults, it’s up to us to take on the challenge of instilling racial consciousness in the minds of children.

black-ish delivered an amazing episode that tackled the reality, the perceptions and the fear.

Below is a powerful clip from “Hope”. Then click through for more shows that made statements to keep you “woke”.

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