‘Blackish’ Star Yara Shahidi Signs Modeling Deal

Yara Shahidi is exuding star power to grand extent.

The 16-year-old co-star of ABC’s hit series blackish plays young “Olivia Pope” on Scandal and has signed a modeling contract with Women Management NY.

The modeling agency made the announcement via social media.

She’s a young woman who rocks and her talent extends far beyond just the glitz and glamour. In an interview with Vogue, the science fanatic discussed the importance of expanding what is seen on social media.

“The visuals we’re presented with allow us to understand that things are attainable. If you turn on the television and only see Black drug dealers or Black people in poverty, it shapes your opinions,” she said. “I think it’s part of our duty as content creators and people within the entertainment industry to challenge those stereotypes.”

In addition, Yara hopes to align her new model status with her philanthropic efforts.

Another example of #BlackExcellence!