New Superhero Coming Soon… Female and Black

Mark Millar is looking to change the color narrative in comic books. It’s a topic that has gained much scrutiny and some criticism in Hollywood, as comic buffs become hooked to the race and gender of their favorite characters in the superhero realm.

But, it’s a new day and with talks of much needed diversity and cultural representation across various platforms, Millar, the author of the Kick-Ass comic books, is giving his popular story a 2016 reboot.


And it involves a Black female as the lead. The original strip centered on a nerdy teen named Dave Lizewski who becomes a real-life superhero. The new plot or main character has yet to be revealed but the story will be set in a new city and involve a new supporting cast.

Although, the comic book did receive film treatment, there’s no word on whether the reboot will be adapted to film.