You Know You’re in a Black Salon When…

Hello Thursday!

One thing you have to love about Twitter is the platform’s sense of humor and creativity. And that’s just what’s happening with the latest “Black experience”-inspired trending hashtag #BlackSalonProblems.

Now, ladies, we’ve all been there. We book appointments at 7 a.m. only to arrive and not been seen until damn near noon. On top of that, we’ve often had to wait another 20 minutes because our stylist has to get some sustenance in her life.

Ughhh…the things we endure to maintain our #slayage.

But leave it to Twitter to take the annoyance out of the experience with these hilarious real-life Black Salon happenings.

Laugh a little. You deserve it!

All the eye rolls…

Ewww…this is going to hurt. Didn’t I tell her be gentle with my head?!

*Whine* But I said JUST the ends…whyyyyy?!

When you have to just be a “G” about it.

Ok…this is just too funny! LOL!

And we’re just going to end it with this one…

Thank you Twitter for the morning funnies! Follow the hashtag, here.