African Model Calls For Diversity With ‘Black Mirror’ Project

In a world where fashion and image are highly regarded, people around the world are speaking out more than ever against the lack of diversity in popular billboard and magazine ads.

With the growth of social media over the past decade, and the increased virality of images of beauty, success, and even funny or unfortunate mishaps, people have been paying close attention to how brands choose to define themselves through their choice of models.

Deddeh “DD” Howard, a West African model born in Liberia, believes there aren’t enough images of Black women on ads for major brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Guess.

“In a time where Black people too often are in the media for being underrepresented at important events such as the Oscars or make headlines for being targeted by the police I felt it was time to do something positive and inspiring about my race,” DD writes. “For too long the negativity seemed to take over in the public eye.”

In a blog post on her website, DD recounts how she would walk into fashion model agencies and immediately be compared to already existing Black models at those agencies. She also mentioned not being hired because the agencies would say “they already have a Black model.”

So, she decided to take matters into her own hands by re-creating some popular ads that featured some of the fashion industry’s most iconic models. Check out some of DD’s images from her ‘Black Mirror’ project below:




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