The SNL Sketch People Can’t Stop Talking About

Black Jeopardy

Saturday Night Live has returned to its comical glory these last few weeks, thanks in part to the presidential election. While the series has been brilliantly spoofing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and their contentious debates, many folks are talking about one particular sketch from this weekend’s show: Black Jeopardy.

In the scene, SNL guest host Tom Hanks assumes the role of Doug, a Trump supporter who doesn’t seem like he who would know much about Black folks. Still, he plays Black Jeopardy to win some money and “get ‘er done.”

Black Jeopardy consisted of topics like Big Girls; Mm, I don’t know; You Better; and of course, White people. Though Doug seems out of place, he manages to surprise everyone with his game-playing skills.

The skit also features Leslie Jones, Sasheer Zamata, and Kenan Thompson as the game show’s host.

Take a look.