‘Black-ish’ Up For Television Academy Award

The eighth annual Television Academy Honors are set to launch, and the hit ABC sitcom black-ish is up for an honor.

The honors recognize programs that have used the power of television to shift cultural acceptance and influence the minds of the viewer. Episodes or entire series are eligible.

The show, which features veteran actors Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Laurence Fishburne, got nominated for it’s episode, “Crime & Punishment.” Read the academy’s description of the episode, according to Deadline

Although Dre (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) agreed they would no longer spank their kids, all bets might be off when Jack disobeys. Now, Zoey, Junior, Diane and a nervous Jack are afraid that their parents will go back on their word.  Media controversy over the fine line between punishment and abuse has spotlighted America’s cultural divide between races, regions and religions, and again raises the question, when does discipline become child abuse? This episode offers a comedic look at an American family determined to resolve their issues with disciplining their children. (Produced by ABC Studios)

black-ish airs every Wednesday on ABC.