Because ‘Black Guy Nerds’ Are Cool Too

Any minute now, #BlackGuyNerds will become a thing. Twitter has that kind of power.

The soon-to-be popular tag fell upon Twitter timelines from the mind of Jamie Broadnax, who tweets under the handle, @BlackGirlNerds, an online community dedicated to representing the “nerdiness” among Black women.

During our adolescence, “nerd” was a term many shied away from. It wasn’t cool. In fact, it had the “Steve Urkel” appeal and once “Stefan Urkel” stepped out, we all wanted to be down. But that was in our youngster years.

Something happens as we mature. The knowledge and entertainment we gained from books (comics and lit alike), superhero films, and cult classics become proud tattoos on our brain. Having the ability to be witty, educated, and cultured at the drop of a dime is “dope” and having intellectual conversations with side dishes of sarcasm and analysis becomes the “kick it” sessions with a round of the dozens and a few brews for dessert.

Basically, it’s sexy to be intellectually well-rounded, or “nerdy,” now. And once Jamie made the simple statement–that Black Guy Nerds needed love too–it started pouring in via the social platform.

Check out our favs below!