The Black Experience Captured in Short Films

One joy of independent film is that uncanny truth can be explored. Stories can dive deeper into issues that are often sugar-coated or completely ignored by the mainstream.

These type of films- rather feature or short in length – have the flexibility of being frank, experimental and creative as hell.

During the 2015 Blackstar Film Festival, many of the stories exposed various facets of the Black experience. From satire to social justice, fatherhood and love, over 60 films raised consciousness and conversation.

Among them was the comical  Black Card, a short written and produced by Tony Patrick with direction from Pete Chatmon.

Get a feel for the project below in this behind-the-scenes clip:

In the 14-minute film, a married couple’s relationship is tested when one of them loses her “Black Card.” The situation escalates as they determine if the lack of “Blackness” will be the catalyst that pulls them apart, or if they can work to reclaim their membership.

Watch the trailer below:

Hopefully, this film will make a nationwide and/or Netflix release. We’ll keep you posted!

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