Black Celebs Land Big Film Gigs

Black celebrities in the worlds of art and entertainment are winning!

Our little darling Quvenzhane Wallis is beefing up her resume and becoming quite the wanted talent. Following her Beast of the Southern Wild Oscar nomination, the young lady will be starring alongside Jamie Foxx in the remixed version of Annie. In addition, she has also signed on to three upcoming projects, one including a leading role in the film adaptation of Holly Goldberg Sloan’s novel Counting by 7s.

The best-selling novel centers around 12-year-old genius, Willow Chance, who finds comfort in counting by 7’s and is obsessed with nature and diagnosing medical conditions. Her world is rocked when she is taken in by a surrogate family and an “unfit guidance counselor” following the death of her adoptive parents.

In an interview with, Wallis expressed, “I love the message behind the story. I am excited to be a part of it and see it come to life.”

Staying busy, she has also landed film roles in Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet and Fathers And Daughters, alongside bad boy Russell Crowe.

The progression of Black talent landing gigs doesn’t stop there!

Who doesn’t love the comical Maya Rudolph? She has wit, charm and a comedic timing that keeps her navigating from project to project. Mama stays working!

The Saturday Night Live alum has teamed up with Danny Glover for Mr. Pig, a Diego Luna road film that follows Glover as a farm-worker traveling from U.S. to Mexico with the accompaniment of a pig.

Glover isn’t the only male getting camera love.

Ladies are in for a treat when Magic Mike XXL rolls around next year. The raunchy film that hit a popularity stride in 2012 has a new dancer in Michael Strahan, who has signed on to play a stripper.

Strahan and Channing Tatum, Gloraaay!

In addition to her dominant role as Fish Mooney on the new Gotham series, Jada Pinkett Smith also joins the cast as the club owner of the strip club.

This is definitely a good look for Black actors and actresses.