Blac Chyna Charged With Drug Possession

Blac Chyna got into some trouble over the weekend when police barred her from boarding a plane after allegedly finding ecstasy in her luggage.

Say what?!

Here’s what happened. According to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office report released Monday, the model was attempting to catch her flight from Austin, TX to Los Angeles. When officials say they smelled alcohol on her breath and noticed her bloodshot red eyes, she was refused entry under suspicions of inebriation.

The starlet then became erratic, “going from extremely angry, cursing at everyone, then to crying.”

When law enforcement checked her bags, they say they discovered two white pills, later identified as ecstasy, hidden inside of a sunglass case. That’s when she was arrested and charged with public intoxication and possession of drugs.

She later posted an $8,000 bond, and it’s rumored that her alleged new boo, Rob Kardashian, picked her up from the precinct.


Photo via Snapchat