Vina Mills’ ‘Run’, Inspired by The Birth of A Nation

The audio stirs the spirit the second the first set of vocals are released. Under humming loops, pounding from the instrumental production intensifies the lyrics and instantly, Vina Mills has pulled you in to a powerful story with “Run”.

The song, inspired by the film Birth of a Nation, is an “emotional story of triumph told through the eyes of slaves,” as stated in a release sent to JET.

The visuals depict a painful history while the lyrics combat the current state of society as it relates to the Black Lives Matter movement and the countless cases of police brutality against Black people.

“”Run” is the result of channeled anger used as inspiration to create something impactful,” the Detroit-native says. “In my opinion, the only thing that has changed from slavery to present date is the manipulation of our minds into thinking that we are all equal and free.”Lyrics like “Put dirt on my name, but my pain is power” is an example of how the world uses propaganda to discredit our (black) identity.”

Watch “Run” below.

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