FIRST LOOK: ‘Birth of A Nation Trailer’

The trailer for Nate Parker’s Sundance Film Festival triumph has finally arrived for the general public.

In this two minute look, you learn all you need to know about this upcoming movie, which has already won the Audience Award and Grand Jury Price at Sundance. The trailer’s soundtrack,”Strange Fruit, “plays while preacher Nat Turner is instructed by his owner to use the gospel of Jesus to keep slaves from realizing their human potential. Fire and brimstone certainly keeps a slave in his place and keep a “master” on high. But somewhere along the way, Nat turns the gospel on the slave owners. And, the rest is history.


Nat Turner is portrayed by Parker and Turner’s owner is portrayed by Armie Hammer. You’ll also see Gabrielle Union and Penelope Anne Miller in the film. “Birth of a Nation” releases in October nationwide.