Bill Duke Directs New Comedy Series “The Blexicans”

There’s comfort in honesty.

And then there’s laughter – the feel-good cure that eases pain and reduces  tears.

That comedic honesty is the foundation developing series, The Blexicans, aims to deliver in early 2015.

Created by husband-wife duo Warner D’Shaun and Cherise Ragland of Red Dove Media with directorial duty entrusted to the iconic Bill Duke, The Blexicans aspires to introduce to society a different perspective on race.

Stepping outside of the Black/White dynamic, the series zeroes  in on the relationship and sometimes animosity between Black and Mexican cultures – ideally bringing to the forefront both similarities and differences experienced within the two communities.  A little about that here in this clip:

“Unfortunately, in the year 2014, there is some fear and tension in the Hispanic and Black community and the layers of it are complex and at the same time very fascinating,” Duke tells JET via phone. “So, we want to give an experience into the Hispanic and Black community and also the inner conflicts that we have, in a very truthful and honest way -in a very creative and innovative format.”

The dramedy takes place in Chicago and centers around Carl Coleman, Jr., an aspiring comedian who despises working at the family funeral home. He elopes with his Mexican girlfriend, who dreams of becoming a fashion designer, but currently works in the family restaurant business.

The struggle and perhaps, the cathartic comedy release resides in Carl trying to establish peace between the feuding families, keep his wife happy and pursue his dream.  With the laughs, come teachable moments.

“We get the opportunity to expose and/or dispel some of those myths and acknowledge them in a very fun and honest manner,” shares veteran comedian/actor George Willborn who plays the owner of the top comedy club and maps the framework for many social and racial conversations. He also serves as Carl’s mentor.

“He’s the guy, the comedian that almost made it, “Willborn states of his character.”He went through some problems and the only thing he saved was that comedy club. Everybody comes to this comedy club and the layers of fun and entertainment are going to be very exciting.”

Still, much like other programs including “black-ish,” those involved in the project are fully aware The Blexicans could stir the pot as race dialogue is hypersensitive.

“We are going to be respectful of everyone,” Duke vows.  “We’re not putting anybody down and we’re not being irreverent,  but there’s a certain amount of honesty that we want to put forth.  We’re not bodacious enough to tell them what to think, but we’re just saying let’s examine this from an objective point of view and ask viewers: ‘what’s your weigh in?'”

Willborn adds, “It’s where we are in society.  We’ve had a Black President for the last eight years and I believe that has raised the awareness and the tone and tenor of race in general. So that opens up the flood gates for conversations and for shows like these. The subject matter is immensely important and touches a lot of lives. ”
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