Big Brother Bigotry?

Credit: CBS

By// Kyra Kyles

Hold up.

Whoa there.

Sorry to snatch a phrase from rapper, Big Sean, but somebody needs to do SOMETHING about “Big Brother.”  Admittedly, we are not watching the show because…well, it’s ridiculously boring and has been from the jump.

But apparently, there has been some (ahem) excitement we need to monitor.  BB contestants have been making racist and homophobic comments, including housemates calling welfare “nigger insurance,” insulting the shape of an Asian contestant’s eyes, and complaining that two Black contestants will stick together because of their skin shade according to this piece on E!

We’ll wait while your blood pressure comes back down.  What the heck is really going on? First that butter-dipped Paula Deen admits to throwing the word around and now these fishbowl-loving clowns feels it’s cool to air out bigoted views on reality TV?  One of these bums reportedly lost a  contract with her talent agency this morning, due to her statements.

CBS, which airs this show, has released as statement to the Hollywood Reporter saying that they don’t condone the comments but that this is part of the Big Brother experience.

Um. No.  Not good enough.  The network needs to step up and call the moving trucks for these miscreants.  Stat.  We’ll arrange the U-Haul.