Beyoncé’s Instagram Posts Are Worth How Much?!

We all know Queen Beyoncé is in her own stratosphere and can’t be compared to us mere mortals. Now, based on new information, neither can her Instagram page.

Beyonce is reportedly the most influential person on Instagram, based on D’Marie Analytics, and her posts across social platforms are worth over $1 million. This information is so fascinating because Beyonce isn’t even the most-followed person on Instagram–that’s Selena Gomez. But we would say the international superstar does have a nice size following of 99 million, with Gomez’s at 116 million.

Beyonce is the first and only influencer to cross the million-dollar value line.

D’Marie Analytics manages a person’s post value with an algorithm that uses 56+ metrics across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Included in the metrics is follower count, post reach, post engagement and post click-through rate.

The company does note that Beyonce’s pregnancy Instagram post became the most-liked post in Instagram history with 10.8 million likes.

We’re sure Beyonce will use her Instagram to debut the first picture of the twins, which will most likely become the newest most-liked Instagram post.