JETSuite: From Beyoncé Background to Centerstage


JETSuite is a monthly artist series that provides an intimate live performance experience from acoustic sets to spoken word to readings and real-time painting.

Montina Cooper, singer, songwriter and vocal arranger, is stepping beyond background vocals as one-third of ‘The Mamas’ for the hottest chick in the game, Beyoncé. The emerging solo artist is, in fact, putting the spotlight on her story through her debut project, Closer.

The album details a series of relationships and how you can triumph at the end. Within the eight-song debut, there’s an identification and understanding of self, mistakes made and gratitude as she’s rescued from a downward spiral and provided with the strength to get through.

Her lead single, ‘You Saved Me’, a song birthed out of the adverse relationship with her once drug-addicted father (“he was the first man to abandon my heart.”). This revelation paves the way for future broken relationships (“if he could leave me and not love me, then all the rest are going to do the same”).

“It’s the period behind all of these stories,” she tells JET. “Saved Me is very aligned with truth when it comes to me being in a bad place at a certain time in my life and God coming in and saying, I know you think it’s over, but I’m coming in as your superhero.”

Watch Miss Montina in action during this session of  our ongoing artist platform, #JETSuite, below!

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