Beyoncé Plays Fan’s YouTube Vid During Tour

Following the release of Beyoncé’s poetically-driven album, Lemonade, of course folks took to the Interwebs and their YouTube channels to express their opinions on the project.

From comedic unauthorized reviews to imitations of visuals produced from the theatrical and content heavy album, folks had a lot to say. But how many actually catch the eye of Queen Bey?

Who knows?! But one thing is for sure, not many can say that their video was chosen to be a part of Mrs. Carter’s Formation World Tour.

That sparkling experience happened for Evelyn, an Austin, TX YouTuber who didn’t have much confidence in her vlog until she received a text message around 10 p.m. from a friend who attended the concert and revealed that a clip from her video was playing on the big screen.

The now infamous clip and Evelyn’s animated reaction can be viewed below.

So, what happens after being hit with the reality that Beyoncé is well aware of your existence? You bask in the awesomeness and gain more confidence (and followers) in your vlog content!

“My internet cousins have been calling it a #BeyBlessing,” the Texan told “Her cosign is further confirmation that I’m on the right path. That might sound dramatic, but YouTube is only fun for me because I’ve been uncompromising about my content.”

The original full video is below.

Let’s clap it up for all the awesomeness!