Beyoncé Fan Targets Jay-Z, Roc Nation

A crazed Beyoncé fan has allegedly sent threatening letters and emails to Jay-Z and his company, according to BOSSIP.

Apparently, the obsessed fan hates Jay-Z and wants the singer to split up with him. According to the unknown source who spoke with the outlet, the messages say that the fan will kill Jay-Z if he does not leave Beyoncé.

“Even though Jay is brushing it off, everyone is worried,” the source told BOSSIP, “since there have been cases of people shooting people and then committing suicide right after.”

The source says Roc Nation staff is unnerved by the threatening letters, despite Hov telling them to ignore the threats. The fan attempted to hack Jay-Z’s Twitter account, but his staff was able to obtain the fan’s twitter handle and email address.

The information has since been handed over to authorities. An FBI spokesman said he could not confirm whether the federal agency was aware of threats against Jay-Z or Roc Nation, according BOSSIP. The New York Police Department also did not return requests for comment.

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