Beyonce’s Dad to Teach Entertainment Course

Papa Knowles has a new gig.

On September, Mathew Knowles will take his music industry experience and knowledge and apply it to teaching a $295 (ticket holders) course at Houston Community College (HCC). The course is set to be a one-day boot camp titled, “The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?” with a 300-seat capacity and a $350 door fee.

Now, before you go giving pops the side-eye because of his personal endeavors, you must first remember that he was the mastermind behind the mega-success of  Destiny’s Child, carried daughter Beyonce’s career a soaring length before she decided to flex her wings solo AND gave Solange’s career a boost as a singer/songwriter and spokesperson.

Also, his skill in the entertainment business wasn’t solely acquired by test and trial. Knowles is a Fisk University graduate and took business courses at HCC early on upon entering the depths of the music industry.

Knowles’ relevance in the industry extends to being the president and CEO of Music World Entertainment in Houston, owning a recording studio and private event space.

“I’ve been in the music and entertainment business for more than 20 years, and I know how it works, “Mathew said in a statement on “ I am able to save someone who wants to know what to do to get in a lot of legwork and time… time that it took me years to learn.”

Enrolled attendees will receive a certificate of completion in addition to Knowles’ reference booklet of industry definitions, contacts and additional resource information.

While Mathew teaches longevity in the entertainment business, back in January, Rutgers University offered a course on Beyonce, titled, “Politicizing Beyonce.

That Knowles reign just won’t let up.